Oils & Hormones

When our hormones are out of whack it can b at the root of so many of our health issues. And this is often due to the toxic load within our bodies – but you’ve made the first step in getting back into balance by starting your low tox journey & swapping over your home!

Here are some of our favourite hormone supporting oils for that extra boost!

Overall Hormone Support

Progessence Plus

Formulated with a beautiful blend of essential oils & wild yam extract which acts as a natural progesterone, balancing out all of the synthetic estrogens we’re exposed to.

Lady Sclareol

A warm, floral scent that you can wear as a natural perfume that also supports female hormonal balance.

Clary Sage

Supports a healthy attitude during PMS, and also supports menopausal women emotionally due to its balancing nature. It has anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it a great one to use to support and relieve any menstrual discomfort. Supports hormone balance, insomnia related to raging hormones, heavy menstruation, hot flashes, healthy skin, and is a great oil to diffuse when we are feeling those hormonal blues.


Use this floral powerhouse for all the moody blues that come with unhappy hormones! Diffuse it, wear it as perfume! Geranium supports proper hormone balance and irregularities in menstrual cycles. It also helps with fluid retention that may happen at different times of the month. Use it when experiencing the weariness and moodiness that comes with being a female full of hormones.


This oil was specifically designed to support a healthy glandular system, and therefore a woman’s overall wellbeing. This blend is also great to use for emotional support relate to hormones, and even as a natural romance enhancer.

Monthly Cycle Support

Dragon Time

A proprietary blend that features a sweet, herbaceous aroma and supports feelings of stability and calm during your cycle. This oil is the perfect choice for supporting normal, healthy emotions during the female monthly cycle. Diffuse it. Put it on your feet or right over your abdomen. Inhale it like your life depends on it Also comes in a beautiful massage oil.

Adrenal Support

Rosemary, Nutmeg & Clove

A favourite way to support our adrenals is by using nutmeg, clove and rosemary essential oils. All of these contain properties that provide support to our adrenal glands, Nutmeg is comforting and soothing, and may also boost energy when we are struggling with increased fatigue (a sign our adrenals are overworking!). Clove also supports our energy levels, and rosemary provides stress support. Combining these three together into a roller botte is one of the best ways you can support your adrenals! Apply it morning and night behind the ears and over your adrenal glands just above your kidneys.

Thyroid Support

Endoflex, Lemongrass & Myrtle

Endoflex is an incredible thyroid support oil when applied directly over the thyroid at the base of the neck – add lemongrass & myrtle in a diluted roller bottle to boost it even more and apply to thyroid morning and night. (Just a caution, some people can be irritated using lemongrass, so be careful in the sun, and use with a carrier oil).