Healthy Mumma Family

Hi, my name is Lisa and I am the proud owner of my health and wellness biz Healthy Mumma. I am a Mumma of two beautiful children, a wifey, and have a passion for health and fitness.

Healthy Mumma began bringing delicious, tasty, and healthy food to mums and their families. I established it in 2014 as I have always loved food and have a passion for health and well-being since becoming a mumma of my 2 beautiful children. I do believe strongly that a happy, healthy mum leads to a happy, healthy family.

I started looking more closely at what I was eating when starting a family with my hubby. Learning about wholesome foods and the health and lifestyle benefits they provide for you and your family interested me but when I started to look at recipe ideas I found the options out there were too focused on healthy easting and not enough about enjoying good food. This is where Healthy Mumma was born and lead me to show Mummas that healthy food need not be bland and boring food. All my food recipes are designed to be healthy AND delicious.


In 2020 I had a lightbulb moment where I was always so conscious about what I was putting into my body for me and my family but never really thought about what I was putting on my body and what the everyday products I was using in my home consisted of. My daughter had suffered from skin irritation issues for so very long and I was researching trying to find a laundry liquid without any chemicals or nasties.

I then started to learn of all the harmful chemicals that are in our everyday products including cleaning, personal care, perfumes and colognes, babies and kids products and it shocked me. It then led me to wanting to make more positive changes for me and my families wellness by ditching out the harmful toxic chemicals and switching them to natural plant based products including pure essential oils.

Healthy Mumma now provides a completely natural way of living solution through food and everyday products. I love sharing knowledge to help and inspire other families to implement a more holistic low tox lifestyle to improve their wellness.