This week I asked my hubby what should I blog about. What can I inspire other mummas to do, what healthy tips and ideas can I share? There are so many but I literally have had a mental blank this week. Then my hubby suggested I blog about my healthy treat balls and a whole range of inspiration, tips and ideas that go with them.

When I first became a mum I fell into the trap of going to cafes to meet with other mums on maternity leave and having coffee and a treat! What happened was the treat didn’t become a once off treat it became an often treat, full of everything bad for you and hence my health suffered. After having Avery my “baby weight” as they call it came off, I can’t blame being pregnant for my weight gain it was the year after I had Avery and my lifestyle that I have to blame.

My biggest tip when becoming a first time mumma is not to fall into the trap of eating unhealthy, quick and easy options and be careful when “treating” yourself! Those treats can become a regular occurrence which over time can cause a negative effect on your health i.e. weight gain.

When starting a healthier lifestyle I discovered that you can have a treat without it being unhealthy and full of cane sugar. There are so many healthy treat options that you can make yourself. This is where my healthy treat balls evolved. They are a great substitute for chocolate, cakes and lollies.
IMG_6531 Healthy Treat Balls
Currently I stock a local café with my healthy treat balls which gives mums in the area a healthy alternative to have with their coffee or tea. My aim is to try to get more of these options available in more cafes, it’s just making the time to visit the cafes to show them. I’m definitely not a saleswoman so I do find this hard but hey I have my hubby to learn from as Sales and Marketing is his trade.
Chocolate Balls Revitalise Revitalise Treat Balls
If you have a copy of my Healthy eBook you will know that I have a range of recipes for healthy treat options and I also have a Healthy Store where you can save time by purchasing some ready-made healthy treat options. Check it out here!