This blog is going to be a quick one but is something that I feel the need to share with all the mumma’s out there. Food Labelling! Since starting my healthy lifestyle I now fill my shopping trolley with mostly fresh produce and hardly buy anything packaged! There are however items I still buy that are packaged of course like coconut oil, gluten and wheat free flours, lots of coconut products and I do buy things like nut butters, almond milk etc. as I haven’t invested in a vitamix or thermomix as yet to be able to make these things myself.. it’s on my wish list.

So what am I getting at.. when you shop and pick up packaged products check the label as to what the ingredients list is. For example nut butters, when buying a nut butter check that the only thing in the packaging is nuts and not any other added sugars, salts, preservatives, additives or nasties. Since I have been checking labels it’s amazing that things I have bought for years that I thought were good for me are in actual fact NOT! My theory is if you don’t know an ingredient that is in your product i.e. numbers for preservatives etc. don’t buy it as it surely can not be good for you.

Peanut Butter Ingredients Kraft Peanut Butter Smaller
Picture 1 – Ingredients List contains organic dry roasted peanuts.
Picture 2 – Ingredients List contains roasted peanuts (85% minimum), vegetable oils (antioxidant (320)), sugar, salt.

A perfect example of this was I went to buy some mustard for a recipe the other day and quickly ran into the supermarket I was near. They had a special on mustards, two for a certain price, I can’t remember exactly the prices. I thought great, bargain I will get the two, then happened to check the label of this particular brand that I have used in the past and noticed it had added sugar, salt and a list of preservatives. So I ended up checking the labels of all the other brands and bought one that had the least amount of nasties in it! It has now also got me thinking about homemade recipes for mustard!

So the point to this blog is CHECK LABELS on all food you buy, you will be amazed and surprised what is actually in some of the products you have always bought. Another healthy tip to remember next time you do grocery shopping!