Getting Started with a Low Tox Lifestyle has never been easier

Get Started

1. Click this link 

Click this link and make sure the number 24614099 appears in both the Enroller and Sponsor ID fields.

Select “get started” you will receive 24% less than retail! Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you have to sell oils or you’re locked into any contract. Just enjoy the discount!

2. Choose Your Bundle

Select your starter bundle, I highly recommend an oily bundle as it features 12 of our favourite oils and a diffuser of your choice. There are so many ways to use your oils than just diffusing, don’t worry I guide and support the whole way and give you all the information including access to my exclusive members areas on my website.

You can also do a Customised Enrolment Order to join Young Living with your own choice of products over 100PV. Just scroll down and click on Customised Enrolment Order instead of a starter bundle and choose your products.

3. Enrol in Essential Rewards

Click “yes” to the Essential Rewards Enrolment and earn 10% back on your kit straight away (10 points to spend on free products). This is optional but is the smartest way to start your low tox journey. Essential Rewards is our monthly customisable wellness box that is free and easy to opt out of.

It’s how we slowly & affordably have transitioned our home. Have you bought any of the following from your local store this month: body wash, toothpaste, hair care, hand soap, cleaning supplies, supplements, make up, baby wipes, moisturiser, pet care, energy drinks, deodorant, face care, laundry soap or dish soap? If the answer is yes, then why not have it delivered to your door, have peace of mind its non-toxic and earn up to 24% back on your order?!

When you say yes to essential awards you will get points back for your initial order and can cancel at any time so it’s worth it to get freebies. Plus, I promise once you start using your bundle you will want to order again and order more non tox products to slowly switch and ditch in your home. Then once you have built up your collection, you can cancel it – no strings attached. It won’t bill you for your order next month, you can choose the day of processing and change/cancel your order at any point up until processing day.

Click “yes” to setting up your next month’s order. You won’t be charged for this now and you can come back and change what’s in your cart later.

Click “Customise your kit (Customise Monthly Order) ”then select “Shop Catalog”. This is where you will find all of the products Young Living have to offer and you can start choosing what you want for the following month – shopping made so easy! My recommendation would be to grab the Natures Home Bundle next which has all our Thieves products, all non tox cleaning for your home, it will allow you to ditch and switch so much with one bundle. “Click save your monthly order”.

4. Finish Your Order

Once you have set up your next months order through Essential Rewards it will ask you if you want to add any additional items to your starter bundle order. Add products or click next.

Fill out all your details! Select “Individual” for the Commission Processing Information (nothing you need to worry about!) & agree to the Terms & Conditions.

Stalk your post man!