This blog is a timely reminder to myself to Just Be! Recently I have had lots of reminders on this topic including a beautifully written article one of my friends shared on Facebook and a great advertisement another one of my good friends shared. It was also just this morning when I was waiting in line to be served at Kmart and the man in front of me was finishing up at the register putting his card back into his wallet, looked over at me and said “Sorry, you mothers are always in a rush.” It got me thinking, it’s so true. We are always rushing around with our busy lives and this is a friendly reminder to myself and other mummas that sometimes we just need to be!

A friend of mine and I were talking the other day about how social media has changed things for us mums and not just mums, everyone. There is so much pressure on us mums to be the perfect wife, mother, daughter, daughter in law, sister, sister in law and friend! Pressure to have the perfectly dressed children, pressure to have the perfectly styled kids bedroom, pressure to have the perfect house and styled perfectly, pressure to have the perfect birthday celebrations for your children, pressure to be a perfectly groomed and dressed mum even in your exercise gear, pressure to have the perfect garden, pressure to just be well PERFECT!

My friend and I were just saying that we are so glad to have been married before Instagram and Pinterest was around! Wow the pressure to have the most perfect wedding now with all the images around would just be too much for me!

A few weeks ago this sounds silly but I did a huge clean out of my Instagram to stop seeing all those pictures that made me feel a huge sense of pressure. I got back to what I enjoy and my passion which is healthy lifestyle pictures. Don’t get me wrong I am all for supporting all those mummas and other people out there that have taken the leap like I have to start up their own little businesses but this just had to be done for me. As mums we always think about ourselves and what is best for us last!

These welcomed reminders to just be allowed me the chance last week to do just that. We have just finished winter here in Melbourne and it has been the coldest winter in 26 years which also means sickness. My two children and I were sick last week and we spent two days cuddling on the couch reading books, watching TV, playing board games, colouring in, playing the iPad together and we even spent a few mornings in bed just lying to rest and recover. It was so refreshing to JUST BE! The housework and other chores were all left behind!

Why have I decided to blog about this, well I firmly believe that to be a healthy, happy mumma you need to take a step back and sometimes JUST BE!  Enjoy your children when they are little as time really does go so fast and you will never get that time back. Sometimes the housework, chores and everything else that needs to be done can just wait. I certainly don’t want to regret not spending quality time with my children by just being because I was too busy doing all the unimportant things in life and I sometimes need to remind myself of that. I’m hoping this blog post is a friendly reminder to all you amazing mummas out there doing the best job we can!