This week I’m going to blog about another healthy ingredient that I have discovered since starting a healthy lifestyle, Tapioca Flour!

What is Tapioca Flour?

Tapioca Flour is obtained from the cassava plant. Despite it’s name it is not a flour made from wheat or grains and is gluten and wheat free. It is a slightly sweet, white flour that is high in starch.

You may recognise Tapioca in sweet puddings.
cassava plant - tapioca flour
What is the nutritional value of Tapioca Flour?

Tapioca Flour however has almost no nutritional value it predominantly consists of carbohydrates and is low in satured fat, protein and sodium. It has no significant essential vitamins or dietary minerals.
Tapioca Flour
So why use Tapioca Flour and how to use it?

The reason I use Tapioca Flour is because it’s not a grain, a legume, a potato, it isn’t refined, processed or unnatural so is the better healthier alternative.

The reason I discovered Tapioca Flour was because I wanted a substitute for corn flour in recipes. Something that wasn’t obtained from wheat although in saying that these days you can buy corn flour which is made from just that corn which is a gluten free product.

I now use Tapioca Flour as my number one thickening agent in recipes for glazes, sauces, fruit syrups and soups. You will see this ingredient appear in very small amounts in my second eBook when I finally get around to finalising it.
ceres organic topioca flour
So next time you visit your local store why not pick up some Tapioca Flour (preferably organic) and use as a healthier substitute to other thickening ingredients. Just another discovery that is a simple, easy and healthy ingredient to add to you and your family’s lifestyle.