This week I’m going to blog about another healthy ingredient that I have discovered since starting a healthy lifestyle, Hemp Seeds! I love sprinkling these over a salad as they give a yummy mild nutty flavour.

So what is Hemp?

Hemp seeds come from the same hemp plant renowned for its durable fibre. The seeds of the plant are edible (known as hemp seeds, or hemp nuts) and are used in a growing number of products today.

Although hemp comes from a variety of cannabis plant, it contains extremely low levels or none at all of THC, which is considered a drug in most countries which we know as marijuana. Let’s face it with Hemp Seeds available on the shelf at your local store it’s  pretty safe to say the two are unrelated.
Why Hemp Seeds are good for you?

Hemp Seeds contain a complete protein with all 10 Essential Amino Acids and hemp is the only plant to make Edestin (which is a globulin legumin protein that is found in hemp seeds. The name edestin is from the Greek meaning edible), believed to be the most digestible protein so it doesn’t cause gas or bloating. Hemp seeds are an ideal source of protein for vegans and raw foodists. It is also a key component to a healthy immune system.

Essential Amino Acids like Omega 3 and 6 are important for beautiful skin, strong muscles and agile joints. Hemp is full of fourteen fatty acids including Omega 3, 6 , 9, CLA, GLA and SDA all naturally and perfectly balanced for optimum health.

Besides hemp being high in protein it is also full of vitamins and minerals including fibre, vitamin E, magnesium, iron, folate and calcium which keeps hemp’s healthy omega oils protected from oxidation. Hemp seeds are also naturally low in carbohydrates.
hemp seeds 2
How to use Hemp Seeds?

My favourite way to use them is to sprinkle them over salads as they add a yummy mild nutty flavour. They can however be added to any meal sweet or savoury, sprinkled on your breakfast or added to your smoothies.
So next time you visit your local store why not pick up some hemp seeds (certified organic of course) and add another simple, easy and healthy ingredient to you and your family’s lifestyle.

A Healthy Tip: Since Hemp Seeds are so high in Essential Amino Acids they can easily go rancid so keep them in the refrigerator.