Ironically since my last blog post I ended up being the most unwell I have ever been. Everything is all ok I just had the worst case of the flu with tonsillitis I have ever had. So bad in fact I was bed ridden for 4 days and it was only today that I felt almost normal. I guess you could say I literally had no choice but to make time for illness. And thank goodness for my beautiful hubby as not only was I sick but so were my two children, so Jordan played nurse to us all and did a great job.

So why am I blogging about this, well it got me thinking. How could I get so unwell when I am the healthiest I have ever been? I eat very well, I exercise regularly, so how could this horrendous flu get to me! Then it dawned on me… you have to have balance in all facets of your life and mine has been super busy and crazy of late not to mention some personal issues that have been very heartbreaking and stressful. I’ve decided that it is time for those stresses to take a back seat and to regroup and re-prioritise what’s important in life and that is my beautiful little family.

Balanced Healthy Lifestyle

Both my mum and mum in law had this awful flu a few months ago and were both bed ridden but for much longer than me. I had heard of so many other people this year have the same flu and out for 1-2 weeks with it. So a friend of mine pointed out that even the healthiest people can get unwell and I suppose a positive is that my healthy lifestyle allowed me to recover quicker than what I normally would have with also the help of a visit to the doctor for some meds.

my healthy balance

If you have been reading my blogs since the start you will know that I’ll always encourage and promote a healthy lifestyle just make sure it’s a balanced one and that you don’t only know what’s important in life but you put it into practice too. Here is to more play time with my kids, more family time and less time on work, on my iPhone, computer, household duties and anything else less important than my hubby and children. Great in theory but I’m going to try to make the change to get that balance back.