As I type this I’m not even sure what I would call this blog! This blog post is a very personal one and one that I’ve been trying to avoid. When I first started Healthy Mumma the feedback I kept getting from my family and friends is “where are the pictures of you and your family?, we want to see you, mums want to relate and they want to see you, mums want to see the proof that your healthy lifestyle works.”

I’m not one to put photos up of myself very often and even found it difficult to find a photo of me to use. BUT here goes…below is a picture of a before and after shots of me.
Before Photo
After Photo After Photo 2
The before shot is a photo posted of my daughter (who was one at the time) and me on Facebook at one of my best friends son’s 1st birthday taken 3 years ago. This is the photo that changed my life and motivated me to start my healthy lifestyle. When I saw this photo I actually couldn’t believe it was me, yes it’s only a picture of my face but it then made me realise I was the unhealthiest I had ever been in my entire life. Have you ever had one of these realisation moments?

The second photo was taken on Boxing Day last year on my birthday with my daughter and my son who had also just turned one at the start of the month, so almost 2 ½ years later from the first photo. And the third photo is of my hubby and I on our 6th wedding anniversary in March this year, 2 years and 8 months from the first photo.

So if you have been thinking about making some positive changes in your life to your health I hope this helps to at least motivated you to start. If a before and after shot can motivate just one mum to make a positive change to their lifestyle then posting this blog is worth it. Yes it won’t happen overnight but it’s amazing how quickly it can happen once you decide to make the change and how much happier you feel from being healthy. If I can do it, anyone can.

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