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Healthy Mumma is a new brand bringing delicious, tasty and healthy food to mums and their families. It was established in 2014 by Lisa, who has always loved food and has a passion for health and well-being since becoming a mumma to her 2 children. We believe strongly that a happy, healthy mum leads to a happy, healthy family.

Like many women, Lisa started looking more closely at what she was eating when she was planning to start a family. Learning about clean foods and the health and lifestyle benefits they provide during conception, pregnancy, for young children and busy parents had Lisa interested. But, when she started looking into recipe ideas, she found the options out there were too focused on healthy eating, and not enough about enjoying good food. And this is where Healthy Mumma was born!

Healthy Mumma is here to show you that healthy food need not be bland and boring food. All our recipes are designed to be healthy AND delicious. Healthy Mumma is not a diet. We’re here to provide easy to access healthy nutritional products, recipes, information and other tools to help you make some changes. All so that you too can build a sustainable lifestyle around providing delicious, tasty and healthy meals for you and your family.

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